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         Welcome to KEL-EEZ® Sealer Products. We offer a variety of products to seal Entry and Overhead Door Frames and Bottoms.

         KEL-EEZ® Sealer Products seal out Rain, Dust, Dirt and Insects. Prevent Heat and Cooling loss and Install Quickly. The seals are for use on all types of Interior and Exterior doors. The Frame is Engineered from Composite Thermoresin in Colors of Cream White and Olive Brown or a High Quality Mill Finish or Gold Anodized Aluminum. The Door Bottom Insert is Engineered from Weather Resistant Brush or Flange. The Door Frame Insert is Engineered from Weather Resistant Brush or Bulb. Custom Composite Colors for the Frame are available.

         KEL-EEZ® offers durable brush, metal and rubber products at an economical price to help seal Doors and Overhead Garage openings. Energy costs can be cut by as much as 25% to 40% in keeping doors and windows sealed. Heat transfer around door openings is one of the primary sources of energy loss. Heat loss occurs with the movement of air through unsealed openings. Stopping the movement of air will substantially stop the transfer of heat.

        KEL-EEZ® Sealer products come with enclosed screws to secure the Sealer Product to the door frame or bottom. Custom Adhesive Backed Sealer Products are available. 

        In summer- Sealed openings lower air conditioning costs through the use of Air Tight Seals™ and help stop other contaminants from entering the household like dust, dirt and insects.

        In Winter- Sealed openings offer a warmer environment at a lower cost. Through the use of these seals, cold drafts can be stopped from the outside environment and from other colder areas of the house.  

        A cold and drafty building can become comfortable through the use of KEL-EEZ® Door Sealer Products. Consider these seals in your environmental control efforts.

        KEL-EEZ® Weatherization is a Division of The Die-Gem Company. 

Thank you, KEL-EEZ® Weatherization Personnel.

KEL-EEZ® Weatherization will Package and Ship your Sealer Products anywhere in North America.

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         Will help you inquire about your sealer needs. You will find that our prices are very competitive.

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Custom Profile Weather-stripping for your Project,

         KEL-EEZ® Weatherization will design and manufacture the Seal for you.

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Die-Gem Custom Profile Extrusions

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Directions to KEL-EEZ® Weatherization Manufacturing Facilities:

         KEL-EEZ® Weatherization Manufacturing Facilities are Located in Akron Ohio.

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Homeowners "Replace Your Old and Drafty Windows and Increase the Value of your House"

         With KEL-EEZ® Custom Manufactured Vinyl Windows.

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KEL-EEZ® Custom Vinyl Windows

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for Door Frames and
Double Hung Windows


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BRASS Coil Seal with Nails
for Double Hung Windows
and Door Frames




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All Seals Fasten with
Adhesive or Screws



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Brush Door Bottom


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Brush Door Frame


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Angled Rubber
Flange Seals For
Garage Doors



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Angled/ Straight
Brush Seals


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Door Frame
Bulb Seals



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Pile Seals and
Pile with Fin Seals
For Curved Doors
And Windows


KEL-EEZ® Weatherization Will Custom Manufacture Your Seal!!!