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Framed brush comes in White or Brown Composite Thermoresin, Mill Finish and Gold Anodized Aluminum

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         KEL-EEZ® close packed Kry-O-Gem™ fiber seal stops air from coming through the opening between the door frame, bottom and door. The fiber seal form fits to the roughest surfaces and gives a seal to control the movement of air. The brush is held in a Composite Thermoresin or Aluminum Frame. The composite comes in White or Brown and the Aluminum comes in Mill Finish and Gold Anodized.

         KEL-EEZ® Brush Seals are attached to the door bottom or door frame with enclosed screws. Custom adhesive backed Door Seals are available.

         KEL-EEZ® "Back Angled" brush is used when the threshold resides inward from the base of the door. A "Straight Brush" is most applicable for use in doors square with the threshold. Standard brush and frame sizes and lengths are available along with custom brush and frame sizes and lengths for the custom project. Call 800-346-1995 and inquire about your brush needs.

         KEL-EEZ® brush Seals come in many different sizes and shapes. We have a brush to seal your opening.

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Back Angled and Straight Framed Brush to Seal Door Bottoms

Brush Door & Overhead Door Seals    Brush for Large Gap Seals

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Door Bottom Seal


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Door Frame Seal


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Varying Brush Lengths


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Angled Frame Brush to Seal Door And Garage Frames


KEL-EEZ® Weatherization Will Custom Manufacture Your Seal!!!