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Tough Pile™ gasket with adhesive backing

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         KEL-EEZ® Tough Pile™ gasket with adhesive backing will seal out air, moisture, dust and insects. It is an ideal seal for curved surfaces and windows. Tough Pile allows movement without jamming or high friction. The high density of the pile eliminates squeaks, scraping and rattling of metal doors and windows.

         KEL-EEZ® Tough Pile comes with or without a flexible fin that runs along the center of the gasket. The flexibility of the backing allows the pile to seal most curved and straight surfaces. Install on a smooth, dry, warm surface for best bond strength.

         KEL-EEZ® Tough Pile comes in a variety of custom brush heights for a standard Door frame length of 17'. KEL-EEZ® Tough Pile comes in sizes of 3/8" width x 3/16" or 7/16" height, with or without fin, and adhesive backing.

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Tough Pile comes with an optional Center Line Fin to increase the effectiveness of the sealer.

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Install Pile with Adhesive around Curved Doorways



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Tough Pile comes in varying widths and heights in Grey, Black and White


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